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The Stuff of Legends

The Famous, Endemic Komodo Dragons

2 Dives & Trekking with Komodo Dragons

IDR 2.000.000

You came all this way and can't forget the dragons!!!! The Komodo Dragon (varanus Komodoensis) is the world's largest living Monitor lizard, and is indigenous to Komodo, Rinca and Padar Islands. Spend the second half of your day trekking around Rinca to get a glimpse of these prehistoric creatures. Your wildlife adventure isn't limited to dragons; buffalo, Rusu deer, monkeys, pigs, and horses are also commonly present. Further down the scale, indigenous frogs, snakes and lizards abound on the island, not to forget the aptly named endemic Komodo Rat. As you near the end of your trek, take in the scenery with a breathtaking panoramic view of the national park.


We offer this combined trip on our speedboat, Toby. We visit Rinca, as this island allows for a much better chance of seeing the Komodo dragons due to the presence of the ranger station. It is up to your group to decide on the short trek (1 hour) or medium trek (1.5 hours). Blue Marlin will take care of all your trekking fees. However, we recommend bringing a bit of cash on land for beverages, souvenirs, and of course tipping your lovely ranger. On Toby, 2 dives and trekking is IDR 2.000.000.

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